Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes

Level 1 - Basic Obedience - $200+tax

In Level 1, you and your dog will learn the basics of sit, down, stand, stay, and loose-leash walking as well as get a crash course in how dogs learn and the value of treats. Clicker-training is available with this class but is not a requirement to learn. The first class of each course is Orientation where you will attend without your dog that first time. This way the class has a chance to discuss the curriculum and have any questions or concerns addressed before introducing the dogs. Orientation is also when you will set up a quick evaluation for your dog to be able to have them participate in off-leash play time for 10-15 minutes before class.

Level 2 - Intermediate Obedience - $200+tax

In Level 2, we do a review of the basics and then work to strengthen reliability of the tasks by introducing distractions. In this class, you will go on field trips to off-site locations around town such as the Plaza and De Vargas Mall to apply what you've learned to real-world scenarios. Like with Level 1, the first class of the course is Orientation where you will attend without your dog that first time. We delve further into dog psychology and talk about safety measures to set everyone up for success on the field trips.

Canine Good Citizen Program - $150+tax

The CGC Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step Canine Good Citizen test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds. The CGC award is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups. Some homeowner’s insurance companies are encouraging CGC testing, and an increasing number of apartments and condos require that resident dogs pass the CGC test. The CGC Program also includes the AKC CGC℠ Responsible Dog Owner Pledge.

Class Schedule

Level 1 – Basic Obedience





The Fall Class Schedule will be up October 1st, 2018.  


There are no age restrictions for attending class but for the safety of all students, we require dogs to be up-to-date with their Distemper/Parvo vaccination and their Rabies vaccination.
If your dog has any behavioral issues with other dogs or people, we have ways to mitigate most reactivity to allow you to attend but will have to consider these dogs on a case-by-case basis.