Resort Boarding

Boarding includes all-day play, personalized meals twice daily, and a comforting night's sleep in our spacious suites.

All-Day Play to Tucker Out Your Pet Before Bed-Time

Our boarding dogs are all out and about in our daycare play groups and therefore must pass our temperament evaluation before boarding. This lets your dog get out lots of energy during the day so when bed-time rolls around, they're ready to sleep through the night.

Personalized Meals

Our team individually prepares your dog's meals twice daily and serves them in their personal suites. We highly recommend bringing your dog's food from home to keep them on their normal diet. Upon check-in, we'll ask about your dog's diet and allergies so we can make sure your dog stays healthy during their visit. We also have trained staff to administer any type of medication you provide for no additional charge.

Spacious Suites

We offer two types of suites. Our Large Suites are 4x5ft stalls that provide plenty of room for your dog to stretch and relax after a day of play. Our Luxury Suites are approximately 10x12ft rooms (slight variations between the 3 suites) that are also equipped with their own webcams so you can check in on your dog over-night or when they are up for meals. Not sure which suite would be best for your dog? We would be happy to give you a tour and talk about the benefits of either suite in relation to your dog's individual needs.

Checking In and Out

Check-in time is before noon. The early check-in time will allow your dog to get out plenty of energy before bed-time and allow the staff ample time to get your dog's suite and food ready. Please allow at least 15-minutes for check-in so we can go over all of your dog's needs and your contact information. If you check in after 3:00pm, we recommend feeding your dog dinner before coming in so they have time to digest and eliminate before bed. Check-out time is before noon. Dogs can be picked up afternoon for an additional late-pick-up fee of $19 per dog.

Night by Night Pricing

Prices do not include tax

Large Suite
Luxury Suite

Single Dog          Each Additional Dog
$65                       $19
$85                       $19

Want your dog to come home smelling fresh? You can schedule a bath at drop-off for your dog’s day of departure for $25. If your dog is staying 5 nights or more, the bath is free!


Prices do not include tax - Packages never expire

10-Night Large (receive 1 additional night free)
20-Night Large (receive 3 additional nights free)
10-Night Luxury (receive 1 additional night free)
20-Night Luxury (receive 3 additional nights free)

Single Dog          Each Additional Dog
$650                     $190

$1300                   $380

$850                     $190

$1700                   $380

What to Bring

We recommend you bring your dog’s food, toys, and bedding for their stay.  (We will provide the feeding and water bowls.)
Personal bedding can make your dog feel more at home but is not a necessity. We are happy to provide raised beds for all dogs that stay with us. Only your dog will have access to beds and toys you bring so there are no worries of other dogs taking or damaging your dog’s belongings.
 If you choose not to bring food, we can provide kibble for $3 per meal.


All dogs over the age of 6 months old must be spayed or neutered to board overnight and and all dogs must be up-to-date on their Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations. 
Since all boarding dogs are also part of our daycare playgroups, dogs must pass our temperament evaluation prior to boarding.