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Other Services

• Socials:
When your dog doesn’t pass the temperament evaluation they are not turned away but put into our social program. We recognize and respect that every dog we meet has different levels of social, communication and play skills. Whether your dog is scared of other dogs, under socialized, lacking communication or social skills, our social program is specifically designed to focus on each dog’s individual needs. A social is a one hour training period where your dog comes to the daycare and very slowly is introduced to other dogs. We never push a dog too fast or over threshold where no learning occurs but at their own social pace. Every dog’s progression through the social program is different but one thing is for certain, they are all placed in a safe educational environment where learning and growing occurs. The success of our social program is solely dependent on the other dogs that attend daycare because they are the best teachers. We have had a number of dogs start off with socials and now are well socialized confident members of our current daycare population.