2109 Warner Circle
Santa Fe NM, 87505


Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 7am - 7pm


Level 1 Fundamentals

In this 6 week course you will learn about dog behavior, the clicker training method and you will teach your dog basic fundamental behaviors like: sit, down, stay, leave it and loose-leash walking. At the end of this course your dog must demonstrate certain skills in order to move on to the Level 2 Intermediate class.

Level 2 Intermediate Skills

This 6 week course builds on the cues and skills you learned in Level 1 with the addition of distance, distractions and duration. We will turn simple behaviors like: sit, down and stay into reliable consistent behaviors using technical training methods. This is a perfect class to strengthen your dog’s skills in preparation of our Level 3 Advanced class.

Level 3 Advanced Skills

This 6 week course is a great opportunity for you to increase your dog’s learning skills with an emphasis on timing and the proper utilization of visual and verbal cues. We will practice with the behaviors you learned in the previous level courses as well as introduce new behaviors in order to create a stimulating environment for you and your dog. This class includes off-site field trips.

Off leash Puppy Class

In this 6 week course, the main focus is on socialization to other dogs (playing nicely with others) and people (especially kids, men and strangers). Your puppy will learn basic manners such as sit, down, coming when called, and walking on a leash. We will also answer important questions about housetraining, chewing, digging, crate training and much more.

Growly Dog Class

This 6 week class is designed for dogs that growl, bark or lunge aggressively at other dogs while on leash. Through behavior modification, you will learn strategies and techniques to manage your dog’s growly behavior. Registration is limited; only 5 slots available per class.